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Inaccuracy with weight management

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I figured it meant under on calories consumer, but if your calories consumer and calories burned total were over, then it gives you that information separately. Hope that makes sense.

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I feel like the reset of calories by amount has to do with what level of  activity  you have the app set at, I also experienced just today that the app resets at night and even though i was a whopping 1100 calories under target (diligently tracked) at 1 AM it has reset and is now telling me i am 300+ over Cal consumption without inputting anything.


I work till 3am 5 days a week so if there was a modification inside the app as to what Time it resets I feel it may be more accurate so anyone can adjust it.

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Hi Mic11

Thanks for your explanation as I only started using the app for weight management this week. The way you outlined the way the calories are showing has put me at ease and I know I am doing everything correct.  Actually, I probably need to eat a little more carbs and protein. 😁


No problem. I just wish they'd fix it!


Here is how it works. First, it has nothing to do with the amount of calories you have consumed at any given time or any given day, it is about calories burned. In order to lose weight you must burn 500 more calories in a day than you consume. So, the app takes your daily calories target and adds 500 more to it. The only way you can change that number is with activity.  The app is telling you how many calories you have burned over and above  or under what you have set for your calorie target. The app does not differentiate how many calories you have put in for that day, it only uses your preset target. For example, my daily calorie target is 1350. In the weight management part it says need I to burn 1850 (500 extra). So, if I am not active it is going to say I'm hundreds of calories "over" (meaning I have not come anywhere near the required 500 calorie deficit needed to lose weight). Right now I'm at 1612/1850(meaning I have burned through activity today 1612 calories, but I need to burn 1850 if I want weight loss).  Here is the math:

1850 (my daily calories target plus 500) - 1612 (calories I've burned so far today) = 238 more calories I must burn today to keep losing weight.  1612 - 1350 (my daily target) = 262.    238  + 262 = 500. Again, you must burn 500+ more calories than you take in everyday in order to lose weight. That what this is for. I hope this makes sense.

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Same here! Its driving me crazy!

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The matter is that you never burn calories to "0" while you sleeping. In some point in the middle of the night the app resets the calories to a higher value so you can start over in the morning with those calories "more". That push you to burn calories making some activities or workout and burning enough to "balance" until your breakfast time. Remember that is a new calorie record day. You start from the higher value instead and not the lesser.


Right... I too found it pretty counterintuitive until realizing this aspect.

To clarify for others (hopefully):


For example, my app shows that this previous Friday I wound up with an 844 Cal deficit: 2972/2230 burned vs 1629/1731 intake.  This refers to the differential between actual calories burned and that required by my goal set within the app (that in order to lose a recommended 1lb per week I have a deficit of 499 Cal per day... this being the difference beween the latter, always static, two figures -- 2230-1731=499).


However, on this Friday, a particularly intensive gym day, I was extra active and burned 2972 Cals, or 1343 more calories than I consumed (1629).  Where does the deficit figure come from?  It's this actual caloric differential (1343) minus my ideal differential of 499.  Or the (-)844 "under" reported by the app.


The over or under reported calorie figue is always in relation to, references, whatever deficit your weight loss plan has determined, depending on how aggressive you decide to be (0.5lb - 2lbs/wk).


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I have similar experience, but for me, I have exceeded the caloric target which  is 2306 over 1661 calorie. However, they said I still 65 calorie under. So, Do I need to eat 3000 caloric target per day ?Screenshot_20191203-020330_Gallery.jpg


Screenshot_20191203-020309_Samsung Health.jpg


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