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IMS service error

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Since the recent Nougat OS update every time I turn my Samsung A5 2017 on I receive the error message "IMS service as stopped, close app". This message ammdppaapmpp the screen in a white rectangular bubble. When I touch the screen it disappears. There does not appear to be anything wrong with my phone function to-date but it is very annoying and may have a yet unknown underlying issue. Does anyone have any idea how to step this error message?

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Superuser II
Hi, sorry, but the only way to stop this, is to reset your phone
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Bummer, thanks anyway.  Just noticed that google isn't backing up my phone either - it is "disabled by admin".  Double whammy here, need to restore phone from a backup that doesn't exist.  I hope samsung backup will do the job, it seems to be syncing my phone.  Oh well, in for a penny in for a pound.  Bet I have to spend an entire day at least on this one.......

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