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I removed a number of Apps on the understanding hat would extend the length of my battery use and now have problems.


I have a Samsung J6 2017 and I am not very technically competent knowing very little about Smart Phones. I read that one way to extend battery life was to remove battery hungry Apps I got stuck in and as is to be expected of a technically incompetent I did not take a note of the ones I dumped.  These actions may have led to the following problems.

One. I have taken a number of photographs and whatever I do I have been unable to work out how to send the ones I want to my daughter.

Two. I thought that all had to do to move photographs onto my computer was to connect the SM to my PC by cable but nothing seems to happen.

Three. Possible my most important problem was my removal of a number of Apps so I need to know how I return to how it was without taking actions that will delete the photographs.


Right, I have the apps I deleted back and have managed to connect the SP to my PC but can't work pout how to move photographs from SP to PC.

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