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I have been given a Samsung, don't understand it and need advice.


I'm getting on a bit and my wife bought me a doro Mobile primarily to take fishing in case I needed help which I thought was a giggle especially when I thought of her if the phone at home went and all she could hear was, gurgle gurgle gurgle as I sank. About all I used it to text my children until one of my sons said I should come into the 20th century and gave me his Samsung Galaxy Core Prime at least that is what I think it is.

The facts of the matter are that I find it absolutely confusing and can only send Text messages by mistake because it have so many attributes. I just switched it on and left and when I looked at it the screen showed me an advertisement for, “The Carvery Season From £4.99.” I have no idea where from.

I have placed a couple of shots of what the screen shows and there are more to add so the thought crossed my mind that perhaps it might be worth buying a new Samsung J5 with no Sim card, took the giffgaff Sim card from the Samsung my son gave me and placed it in the new phone if that would work and then learnt app by app on the new Samsung. Does that make sense?      

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The world of smartphones can certainly be a minefield to someone new to them due to the many features and settings they bring @BML


I would suggest to sit down with your son who I'm sure will be more than happy to go through what the phone does step by step. 


YouTube videos may also help and Google Searches. 


Give yourself time to aclimatise to using the phone and you'll soon adapt to it. 


Enjoy the journey.   



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