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I don't want to login to any Samsung account in my smartphone

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Dear Samsung,

I got a used Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from a friend and I saw that you are constantly spamming me to login to the "Samsung account". Also, there is NO option for me to register through my mobile phone! I had to search how am I supposed to register for a Samsung account only through Google search in my PC.


Who told you that we must tolerate your daily spam which forces us to login to a Samsung Account while ALL other manufacturers DO NOT spam us with notifications for this stupid reason. ?


How can I activate both the Samsung Account app and the notifications?


Hi @HardcoreGR. :robothappy:


There's some FAQ's on Samsung accounts here that give you info on what a Samsung account is and does, but the short version is that a Samsung account allows you to use various Samsung services on the phone (you can find a full list of them here.) 


The relevant bits from those FAQ's for registering & adding; signing-out &  deleting:


"Sign Up: How can I add my Samsung account on mobile devices?


You can add your Samsung account on your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets through the below steps.


[Go to 'Settings' > Select 'Accounts' > Select 'Add account' > Select 'Samsung account']


1) If you do not have Samsung account :

- Your Samsung account will be automatically added through the following steps.

Go to 'Settings' > Select 'Accounts' > Select 'Add account' > Select 'Samsung account' > Select 'Create new account' > Complete 'Registration'


2) If you have a Samsung account :

- Your Samsung account will be automatically added through the following steps.

Go to 'Settings' > Select 'Accounts' > Select 'Add account' > Select 'Samsung account' > Select 'Sign in'"


"Sign Out : How do I sign out of my Samsung account on my Smartphone/Tablet?


If you wish to sign out of the Samsung account currently signed into on a mobile device (e.g. smartphone, tablet), you can sign out as instructed below:

Go to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Samsung account, select the upper right menu and select Remove account.

Please note that if you sign out of your Samsung account, you will be signed out of all Samsung services currently signed in on your mobile device using your Samsung account."

"Withdraw : How can I delete my Samsung account?


You can delete your Samsung account via the website (

Please sign in to the Samsung account website with your Samsung account, and then click the 'Profile' menu. There you can see the "Delete account" button.

When you delete your Samsung account, your details will also be deleted from all connected Samsung services. In addition, all information that belongs to your account, such as downloaded items, purchase history, etc. will also be deleted. If you want to find out which services you are using with your Samsung account, you can check via the Samsung account website ( 

If you are unable to delete your account by using the process above, please contact Customer Support ( > Contact us)."

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I checked and it looks like I am already logged in and it STILL gives me the push messages to log into my account.  (Which is why I am typing this message out at 630am, because it woke me up) how do I turn these notifications off??!! I am logged in to the ridiculous thing!

Hi there, @Sheol277.

To remove these notifications all you need to do is wait until they pop up again. Then press and hold on the notification (from the drop down menu) and turn off 'Allow Notifications'.

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Factory reset the phone before using a used-phone. or just stop notifications from the specific app(s) that are bothering you.

PRO TIP: stop blaming the manufacturers if you do not know how to.

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You suggested nothing that works. When you hold it down and go to notifications it doesn't allow you to turn them off and even tho the original owner signed out and deleted this phone from his list of decices, the phone is only allowing the original owners email to be entered no other email is accepted. And I bet a million dollars that you won't resolve this issue. 

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If I factory reset it the Samsung account will not allow me to even use the phone any longer so great idea just tell me it's a "pro" tip to go lock up my phone.
I know some accounts like my Samsung account need me to be online before attempting to log out and then delete the account, it's a security feature so your phone doesn't full into the wrong hands and all they need is to wipe with no proof it's theirs.

It may be awkward but it works , at least for me.

And if you can find the Samsung pass app in the app listing you can adjust the notifications there

Click or select in this order (whichever terminology you prefer)

Make sure you have your data connected before you start.

From the app drawer as follows


"Accounts and backup or accounts"
whichever way it shows on your given device.

Select the Samsung account you want removing from the list of accounts currently logged it or active, then some other options will appear such as account information, password and security, privacy, etc
Just saying so you know your in the right place.
On the upper right of the screen are 3 dots on vertical formation, click/select them and you will, or should see an option to remove account.


You might need to verify your intention to remove account via entering a password associated with that Samsung account,  hence why data might or might not be required. 




FAQ's on Samsung accounts here that give you info on what a Samsung account is and does





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