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How to log complaint in UK?

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I brought two  new S10 phones weeks ago, then changed my mind on one of the handsets and wanted it to be a S10 Note plus.

I phoned Samsung who said best thing to do is place an order for the Note and a S10 and when the box arrives with the two S10's send them back and we will refund within 72hrs....... Well they confirm they got the phones back on 23rd November but still no refund of over £1k to me. Have phoned, sent emails, gone on twitter and no help at all. Get promised calls back but that doesn't happen. HELP as I am now paying debit interest on the missing funds. 

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First thing I would check is if your Bank Card issuer can get the funds back for you from Samsung. Phone their Customer Service to perhaps enquire @Complaint 


All the ways to engage with Samsung UK including email , phone and social media are in 》 



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I have used all the contacts methods given by Samsung and nothing happens. I have emailed and gained the reply you will respond in 24hrs...but you don't. I have called 6 times and been told I will come back to you in 24hrs... You don't. I went on Twitter and Facebook and no reply once I say about the issue I'm facing. 

I am at a loss as to who will resolve this without me going to my bank and submitting the payment as fraudulent and also involving the press as I an incurring bank charges. 

Incase you want to look into this, the case ref off shore is 1602555.

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