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How to find out if parts are legitimate

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I recently had my S7 edge repaired by my insurance who claim to be a Samsung Authoised repair service. Within 7 days of having the phone back the screen is broken again without having dopped the phone and I have no idea how.


I had the phone for 3 years previously, dropped it multiple times from height but eventually broke the screen with a 2 inch drop onto a self service till. The phone had been hard wearing and sturdy. I feel lile the parts used to repair it aren't uo to scratch as the mpst that could have happened to the new screen is having my glasses dumped on it when goinf to bed and there is no way this should have broken it.


Is there any way of finding out what parts have been used to repair it and if the insurance company are at fault for using sub standard parts?


thanks in advance.


What you could try doing is going to a Samsung support center and see if they will check the parts for you. Not sure if they will, but might be worth checking out.
Find out from your insurance company what repair center they used because all insurance companies outsource repairs to other 3rd party companies some who are not Samsung authorized but still claim to be if you find out what the company i called i could maybe try to figure out if it is Samsung authorised or not.
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The details that they have peovided me with are that it is a company called Anovo in Norwich.



Anovo is a very popular company for repairs, used by a lot of insurance company's and network providers to carry out repairs, including Samsung. I would be very surprised if they used dodgy parts as they would loose the licence to carry out authorized Samsung repairs.
Also Anovo are actually Samsung certified and have Samsung trained and certified engineers
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