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How do I turn off the call-ended notification on Samsung S8+

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Ever since the last update, I get an annoying notification sound whenever I end a call. How do I turn it off? I've looked everywhere and can't find a toggle.

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Looks like the sound may have been coming from the Hiya app.

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Hi @Dave-GS8-Plus




Launch your Phone App.


Press the 3 little dots in the top Right hand corner of the screen. 


Press Settings. 


Choose Call Alerts. 


Toggle Off 'Play Tone when Call ends



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Its unchecked in my Note 9,, but I still get the notification.

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You can turn off the notification and sound by going to the phone's settings>Apps & notifications.  Tap on the Hiya app, then tap on Notifications and turn them off.  This would not affect the incoming call popup.

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I don't have the Hiya app, so that is not a fix! This is soo frustating!

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I figured out my notification problem on my Note 8. I have the Mr. Number app and in the Default Channel page I changed the Importance to Medium: No sound.


That solved the tones when I made a call and ended a call.

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Disable notification in hiya app its works.

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Follow the steps to:
Disable Notification after the Call Ends.


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