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Help required on my new Samsung S8

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Whenever I select the Internet app, or attempt to open the User Manual in settings, I'm directed to a specific IP address instead, I realise it must be a problem with internet options/home page, but how do I change it on my S8?

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Hi @rob_betelgeuse,


You have 2 options here 1st is load the (Presume Samsung internet app) and in the top right is 3 dots click that and then go to settings, once in setting the top otion you see is Homepage select that and change it to which ever page you want to load 1st (by selecting "Other") I use However the browser will always open to the last page open.2nd is install a 3rd Party app such as Google Chrome.


IF you want to clear the cached data from the Internet app follow the guide from this post.


Hope this sorts it for you

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