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Good Lock 2018 not appearing on Galaxy A5, 8.0.0


I am on oreo, and good lock isnt there in galaxy apps store. my phone is from uk so it should work just fine as its an XEU. sideloading the apk gives me a blank screen in the app but sideloading the addons (quickstar, lockstar etc) work perfectly fine with QuickShortcutManager.


can anyone help me please? the modified ui below is through the use of non rooted substratum. knox is not tripped so i still have all offical samsung features.

Screenshot_20180703-091916_Galaxy Apps.jpg


Screenshot_20180703-091921_Galaxy Apps.jpg


Screenshot_20180703-091923_Galaxy Apps.jpg


Screenshot_20180703-091854_Good Lock 2018.jpg




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Hello @YoMarshMellow


Who supplied the phone to you  ?


The XEU Csc code is typically an unlocked phone but not supplied direct by Samsung.


Sometimes these types of phones have been sourced by an independent which have been originally meant for other countries and as such the firmware version maybe causing the issue.  


Mine is purchased from Samsung and is BTU.


Try clearing your cache , data and cookies and or your system cache files. This is usually achieved by turning the phone Off and then from a set series of button presses will take you into the System File Cache and clear the System Files.


I'm in the UK and have this in my Galaxy Apps section. 

Screenshot_20180708-055837_Galaxy Apps.jpg






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My phone was bought from carphone wearhouse. And i can confirm it supports xeu because my mother's S8+ csc code is also XEU and was purchased from the same place, and Good lock does appear in her phone as well.


im not sure if this does anything but i would ike to note out that i am still on the may security patch.

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I have a second-hand A3 2017 fully upgraded to Oreo (BTU code), and I can't see Good Lock 2018 in Galaxy Apps either. Maybe someone in Samsung has decided not to make Good Lock available for A-series phones?
It does seem to work for all the use cases I've tried with the sideloaded versions though! Maybe one minor thing doesn't work so they've decided to exclude the A series entirely, that kind of thing wouldn't surprise me.


I wouldn't be surprised if Good Lock is exclusive to the S and Note series of the Galaxy brand. It seems something like Samsung would do. I have found an alternative to main Good Lock APK though. It is called Bad Lock, and is an alternative to the Good Lock UI for those who still have the broken UI.


It can be found here:

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Haha brilliant, thanks for the heads up

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It's now available for me officially through Galaxy Apps

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