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Getting memos from Samsung Cloud

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Hi, my memos have been backed up the Samsung Cloud, but I cannot work out how to get them back to my S7 after deleting them. 

Cloud says I have 6 synced apps (one being memos)

354 memos

There doesn't seem to be a way to get them back to my phone.

Has anyone had success with this?

Perhaps even another 3rd party memo/note app that will let me try restore them.

Any help appreciated.

AndrewL Moderator
@SJD1: Do you have Samsung Notes installed on your device? If not then please install it via the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps > Open the app > Select 'Settings' under 'Import Data from Samsung Account' > Select 'Sync With Samsung Cloud'. This should hopefully import all your memo data from your Cloud account back onto your S7.
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Thanks for that but that doesn't work.  I have had Samsung Support have a remote look & they couldn't help either despite actually seeing the memos (well, the memo app with 354 memos) sitting there in the cloud.  Even if I could open that file I could copy them manually, but it does appear it's impossible., which is a shame.memo.jpg


Hi, I cant find Samsung Notes in the playstore. Do es it have a different name maybe? Thanks

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