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Gallery face tagging not working

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As you might know, the gallery app has a feature where it recognises faces in your photos. When i tried to merge two folders of people, facetagging stopped working. Now; my phone wont recognise any faces at all.


Is it possible to reset ALL face tagging data? I have tried to clear data from the gallery app, but that did not work.


I added an image so you know what im talking about.






I am also seeing crazy behavior in face tagging I  the last few week with names appearing multiple times against the wrong person. 

Resetting face tagging woukd be useful. Any ideas how to do it or what file needs to be deleted. 20180525_090305.jpg


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Anyone figure out why face tagging is gone? 

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Is there any update on this? 

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Well if you reset the gallery app, remove all New tags or people it has identified, and repeat those steps in that order like 3 times with one day in between (I found in my experience that most of the tagging happens at night when the phone is charging and not on battery saving mode) 


Then you wait like two weeks for the phone to hp through all photos again and hopefully it will be back to normal. Remember that certain folders, like the download folder won't find faces in them. It also takes longer time if you're using an sd card, and the tagging can be severely messed up if you do not remove the sd-card safely.


I got an email Samsung to go to System Applications within the Apps setting. Look for CMHprovider and clear data and cache. And then the faces started being picked out from scratch but took it's time 


Samsung knows this -- because it's obvious and because it was brought to their attention by users a year ago -- but they're too feckless or incompetent to do anything about it.


Solution: iPhone

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This fixed my issue. The face tagging software for some reason tagged everybody (10k images) under one name. There is no way to untagged the photos in bulk. You have to untag and retag each one manually...smh thank you for this post!

Samsung Gallery's face tagging software is a joke. 


Phone borne (rather than cloud borne) facial regognition and tagging is sophisticated computer science, and Samsung can be forgiven for not matching Apple's prowess in this.  But the rest of its software's failings are utterly amateurish, and Samsung is an embarrassment for its failure to fix them.  These include:


- Tagging hundreds or thousands of plainly diferent faces under one name, as others have observed.

   (I mean, really, write some stupid code which at least prevents your program from tagging multiple people in one photograph under the same name);

- Taking weeks to process;

- Failing to recognize thousands of other images in a gallery as faces at all;

- Requiring manual removal / retagging  of each incorrectly tagged individual rather than in a batch way;

- Often failing to allow retagging at all;

- Failing to add images whose tags are removed back into a pool of photos to be retagged;

- Failing to provide a manual rescan operation;

- Failing to provide any statistics on the processes or percentage completion bar;

- Failing to explain anything about its processes in any help files (including that tagging does not actually embed any metadata in the photos themselves);

- Failing to provide any mean of writing the tags (metadata) to the photos (or even back up the tagging database).


To Samsung if you're listening: Please don't insult us with your little customer service, thank you for the feedback, Samsung is always trying to improve its features, yada yada yada, notes in response to these sorts of posts.  Stop pretending you don't know this software is a joke and fix it.


Thanks.  End of rant.

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I have figure out a way around. You simply DO NOT have to name a person in the photo itself when it shows a "?" tag sign.


You have to tab the SEARCH bar in the gallery and there you could find an album of that person face. Go inside of it and first remove the mistaken photos if there are any. Just select them and from the triple dots sign placed at the upper right corner select REMOVE FROM THE RESULTS. After yout face album is ok, you put the name of the person there.


If you try to go to the person album directly from the photo by sliding up the image and tab on the face of the founded person, if you are redirected you will not have an option for removing images from the album. I am also confused about that.


I hope that helps a bit.

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