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Galaxy s8 not recognising sim

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Hello. My Galaxy S8 is not recognising my sim, so I am unable to make calls or send texts. I have tried restarting it, removing the sim, and doing a network search. Nothing is working :o/ 

Any suggestions? Cheers 

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Hi @Backpackersteve, could be down to the sim it's self, 1st try in another phone. 2nd thing to try is to give it a clean a little WD40 on a soft cloth will work or methylated alcohol (both will remove dirt/grease from the sim, 3rd try another sim in the S8 pop in to a local phone shop and pick up a sim (best is the same network if not sim free).


If the sim works in another phone still give it a clean, give the slot slot a blow out (a balloon with a straw in it creates a good jet of air) if not luck still and the spare sim has not worked it needs to go the the retailer. Hope that helps you out

I had the same problems with my S8+. The sim was working fine in my previous S7 edge for some weeks, and then worked in the S8+ for the first few days. Then nothing. No phone calls, no texts, no data connection. Samsung sent me a new S8+ replacement and I got my sim provider to send a new sim, not willing to experiment with what/who the problem could be just before going on holiday. Bit of a bind having to wait for another S8+ after being one of 1st to get it, but new phone/new sim are working fine.


It would be interesting to hear whether a new sim and/or phone is needed for you @Backpackersteve and if we are the only two with this problem. I was disappointed that I had fitted a brand new screen protector to my first (broken) phone, but Samsung would not reimburse this with the replacement of a phone just 4 days old.

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You are definitley not the only one.  I have been experiencing this since I first got the S8 when it just came out.  The problem disappeared for a while and now it's happening almost daily for me.

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My Galaxy S8plus stoped recognizing one of my sims, but the same sim works with other phones. What could be the problem and what is the solution?

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Happened once before on my s8 several months ago.  Now 3 times in 2 days... Not good.  


Daft question


Have any of you that's having g the problem, trimmed the SIM yourself? It  COULD be that you trimmed it a bit too small?


If it's a network supplied nano SIM, blow air into the slot (just in case) n wipe the SIM and most obvs make sure you've inserted the tray all the way in n the SIM is secured properly and the tray is right way up.


Also, make sure if it's not a simple case of the wrong SIM on a network locked handset.


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No. Never messed with it at all.  Didn't buy a locked phone.  It's the one Sprint gave me.  And it worked for months till this weekend.  I'm wondering if it just needs cleaned. 

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Hello I have similar prob here. Got an S8 plus few days ago it's having WIFI probs can't connect as well as not being able to make calls. However I can send and receive text messages but no calls n wifi connection is on and off not stable. Can Samsung help me out pls or give me another phone thanks.

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Also it keeps saying SIM ERROR OR NO SIM but the SIM does work on my old phone. Pls help thanks
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