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Galaxy s8 keeps asking for position


Hey there. I would like to ask you why my S8, when battery reaches 5%, keeps asking for enabling position (if I tap on deny it keeps asking after few seconds.. and if I accept it is going to ask again..

I want to keep position disabled for privacy and battery reasons.Screenshot_20170507-122824.png



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Hi @SimoneS, I i'm not sure on this one but I had been reading if you had the find my device active (in google) it asks to record your location Iphone also has this feature, but to change the google settings is the best option if you do not want it on. (Guide on how to change them)



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Hi. May Samsung S8 also does the same. However, it does not need to reach 5% battery to do so. Also, whenever I turn on the GPS, the dafault setting of its accuracy/locating method is always set to Low or "Phone Only". I always need to open the location settings and manually set it to High.


Any update on this? Thanks!

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