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Galaxy s8 camera issue ?!

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When I traing take pictures or video special at night wired things happening with my camera. There is one or more flaying dots around. All my photos and videos are corrupted by them. 20170906_214018.jpgDots on the sky


All photos and videos are corrupted like that one 

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Hi @Marcoell


You could try the test pages on your phone. 


"Hardware test: go over to your dial pad and type in *#0*#, this will bring up a number of tests.
Front Camera: Select Front Cam, align your phone and tap to take a photo. Review the quality of the photo and let us know the results. You can then tap the screen to return to the LCD test screen.
Back Camera: Select Mega Cam. Align your phone and tap the ‘capture’ icon to take a photo. Verify that the flash works during this as well. Review the photo and let us know the results."


If that does not help and no case or back Protector is causing the issues and the camera lens is clean and not damaged then if this was my situation I'd have a diagnostic run on the phone via a Samsung Service Location or Samsung Experience Store. 

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Still this same issue 20170907_072401.jpg






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Dots on the building 

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I noticed the same issue on my camera when I take night scenes e.g. taking a picture of a Christmas tree with lights. Did you find a solution?


Think this issue is more like a reflection of the protective camera glass. On some phones is more noticeable when compared to others. - I have compared my previous S8+ with other S8's from friends or family.

The S8+ was sent back mainly because of this issue, it was really impossible to have a perfect shot at night time.


In my opinion, this is a design flaw and no fix possible. 

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I agree with you.... It is so irritating
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