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Galaxy note 4 runs out at 26per cent and only charges to 88 per cent

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Problem as above even with new battery. Any ideas please

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Hi @Glb



I personally prefer to callibrate my battery by letting it drop to around 15% and then charge to 100% which keeps the battery to its optimum. Appreciate the issues your having with yours. 


In regards to the "new battery" may I ask is it an official Samsung Battery ?


In some circumstances a Factory Reset can help after creating a Back Up.


If not then a Samsung Service Location can run a diagnostic on the device. 

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Hey @Glb. How's the battery performing now? Are you using an official charger or wall plug and USB cable from Samsung? Can you confirm if Fast Charging is turned on?:

1. From the home screen, select Applications.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Power saving.
4. Select Fast charging.

Is "Fast Charging" enabled?:robothappy:

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