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Galaxy app store problems




I've been meaning to write this for a while.

If anyone here is like me they will check for updates via google play or the galaxy app store daily.

I do this manually every so often with the galaxy app store, due to it not checking for updates automatically as often as i'd like.

One very annoying thing about doing this with the galaxy app store is that you have to press 'sign in' before you can check for updates.

This shouldn't be needed as the device is already signed in to your Samsung account and syncs various data frequently.


I get the feeling the galaxy app store is more of a portal to a website rather than a fully fledged app.

Surely the developers can build an app which keeps the user logged in?


I have also noticed that when you first set the phone up (from a factory reset) you are only prompted to install google play updates from the google app.

The galaxy app store never sends any notification that you have updates.

This became especially apperent when i was talking to a friend recently. I asked if they had been keeping there apps upto date and they thought they were.

I went into the galaxy app store and found loads of updates which the phone had never prompted for.


The only notice you get (sometimes) is in the top right hand corner when in a certain app. It will sometimes tell you there is an update but then only link to that one app to update.

Users are still not seeing other updates (without manually going in to check).


Hope something can be done about these issues.


AntS Moderator

Definitely like this idea, @Ricky2 - cheers!


I've put this forwards as a suggestion to our R&D team. I'll let you know how it goes.


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AntS Moderator

Hi @Ricky2. We've got an update on this one today.


It seems the developers are wanting to do something like this; but aren't hopeful for a solution in the near future as they're currently facing some significant challenges (for example, some apps being shared across store platforms for either installation or updating) for making it work in the best way possible. They're continuing to see what they can do though.


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