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Galaxy Store isn't available in this country

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If you haven't solved the problem yet, do as follows: I assume you have an IPKO SIM Card, so get a VALA SIM from someone temporarily until you deal with the samsung stuff. Otherwise, until Samsung adds Kosovo on its suported list of countries, theres is no other way around 😊


Did that... everything worked fine. I was able to add my Samsung account to my phone, and log in to Samsung Apps, but as soon as I installed my IPKO SIM card back, the problems returned. So, again, I can't access the Galaxy Store or sync my info accross Samsung Apps. I can't use Themes either, which means until Samsung recognizes Kosovo on its systems, there is no way to use Samsung Apps using IPKO. (Vala seems to still be using Monaco as country, even though it also changed the code.)

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just like beni008 said, only put a sim card of Vala, does not need to be connected to vala internet, it's only network problem

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I tryed a way and it works now i can update the softwear,using galaxy theme everything what was blocked...!

Ne ca menyre ke provu nese e ke fjalen me sim te vales ok por ne me ipko kem problem shoki.
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