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Galaxy S8

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Hi, I need help! 

S8 is missing calls and not ringing. Not giving notifications of the missed calls also. 

Clock app is freezing, alarms not sounding and app notifies not responding. 

Many other slight issues that don't come to mind at the moment..

Any help please?

CarlH Moderator

Hey there! Which Android version are you currently running? Is your software all up to date? 

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Version 8.0.0

And yes everything is up-to-date!! 

Been onto Samsung and after a soft reset some issues were rectified. 

But those mentioned still persist 


CarlH Moderator

Thanks for the info. Were you advised to place your phone in Safe Mode at any point? This can be activated by restarting your phone but whilst it's powering back up, keep the 'Volume Down' button held until you reach the home screen. If done correctly, Safe Mode will be displayed in the bottom left corner. Do the issues persist in Safe Mode? 

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I have same issues with my s8. Did the safe mode and still had issues with the alarm/Clock not responding. The camera issues were ok but then they don't always do it every time so unclear if it was the safe mode that resolved it at that time. Having issues again today with the camera crashing tho. Loathed to factory reset unless really have to was hoping for a solution without having to do that.
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Did you ever get these issues resolved?
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