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Galaxy S8+ vertical lines on screen

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Same issue mine is showing when  i do that 

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Hey @CarolinaW i try *#0*# and when i tap for GREEN i have a vertical lines straight from bottom to top ( left side part +10mm from edge). Can this be fix?
If your phone issue havent been fix ... just try to chat with samsung customer service. They will give you a ticket no. So you can send your phone to them and get it fix this is the easiest way i would suggest . It will only takes 1 week minimum for them to receive, fix and send it back to you like what they did to my phone everything is free of charge too .

Sorry my english is bad
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Hi all. :robothappy:


If a line (or lines) is still showing when you do the *#0*#  test that means it's highly likely to be a hardware issue, and so it's best to take your phone to your nearest Samsung Support Centre or contact the Support team to discuss a postal repair. (For folks in Ireland, Support contact details are here; for any non-UK and Ireland folks, I'd advise getting in touch with your local Samsung Support.)


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There is a vertical pink line in right hand side of my phone. I've got this phone one month ago and this line just appeared on it. I tried to change the setting and restart it, but the line didn't go away. What should I do?


Try *#0*# tap the red blue green and black... if it dont fix it ... try to chat with samsung customer service

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@seany21 wrote:



Anyone had vertical lines showing on the right side of the screen? Only had the phone 2 days, and has only appeared today.


Does this sound like a screen issue? Will be going back to see if i can get exchanged but was wondering if anyone has had this issue?



if someone has solution please tell me....  ty

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Anyone have solution for this vertical line on screen??? please tell me ty


Your phone is new so i would suggest take it back where u bought it.  As far as i know it's a screen problem.  Try *#0*# then tap the red blue green black. Some phone got fix just by doing this  but if it dont solve it take it back to where u bought it. Im sure they will give you a new one

Try *#0*# thrn tap the red blue green and black if it dont fix it take it back to wer u bought ur phone its a screen problem
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