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Galaxy S8 still has no Oreo update

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Hey, I know there's a bunch of threads on this already but none have helped me. I'm on EE in the UK and still running Android 7.0 and everyone I know with an S8 has the update, even my dad who has an A3.


Wondered if anyone knew what the hold up was? I ideally don't want to reset my phone.

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Hi @hooley. If you're unable to download the Oreo update through the usual means over-the-air, I'd recommend giving Smart Switch a go if you can. I's usually seen as a way of transferring data from one phone to another but if you download the desktop version on a computer, it can also update the software on your phone. This link will direct you to the download page. Hope this helps! 

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I have the s8 but still on version 8

I have the S8, I'm in the UK, and I'm on Pie (which is awful, but that aside). I think anyone with a locked phone who hasn't had an update yet needs to have a stern look at their provider.

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I have exactly the same issue. but we are in 2019 and my phone is still in android 7.0

I ahve tried to update with smart Swtich but nothing ...


Ps: I bought my phone new on Amazon 

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