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Galaxy S8 no longer fully pairing with car after most recent update

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My Samsung Galaxy S8 has been paired via Bluetooth with the Mazda Connect in my Mazda CX-5 for over a year and a half with no issues. After the most recent system update, it will connect but my email and text messages will no longer download/connect (those options are greyed out on the car's screen). I can access the phone book, contacts, etc. but no messages/emails.

I've tried unpairing the phone and repairing it, and all notifications appear to be allowed. I've checked with Mazda and nothing has changed on their end so wondering what I have to do to get things working again, given that this only started happening after the update. Any advice would definitely be appreciated!

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Seems your not alone @Millcroft 


I'd suggest to send feedback via the Samsung Members App too.




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Hi did you get this fixed?
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I did - I ended up resetting and erasing all current Bluetooth info and pairings and then going back and repairing everything. A bit of a pain to have to resync everything that was paired with my phone but at least the problem was solved!

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