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Galaxy S8 call volume very low

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Yo God dam life saver. Another fixed phone over here.


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Annoying of poor sound call quality on Galaxy Note 8? Few steps to fix low call volume on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You can face several galaxy Note 8 phone call issues during calls such as low speaker volume, dropping calls, people can’t hear your voice on calls etc.

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Perfect solution. Thanks for posting. I never would have thought of it. Phone is crystal clear again.


blu tac is a thing, may depend on what country you are in thou.... its basically blue plasticine (putty), that is mainly used to stick paper or light objects to a wall... look it up on the interwebs, all your answers can be found there

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My wife made cookies for Christmas and of course flour seemed to go into the earphone of her SG 8+.., so conversation sound was so low and muted..., I think that it was from bad update a few days ago.. but it was not...., so I read all of this posts, update all I can from Google play and Samsung store, clean with alcohol, secret menu (*#0#*) trick which not works,  and finally use of some Sound booster (which helps a bit....), but nothing helped like this:


Duct tape over the earphone and push carefully so that surface glue from duct tape can pick up all dust and dirt inside mesh of earphone..., a few times repeat.., and voila.., earphone sound is better than before...!!! Solved...!!!!!

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My in call volume is too low to hear the person on the other end.  Any suggestions?  I have checked the notifications and those settings are fine.

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Hi MerinIndia, I had the same problem Believe it or not the reason was the speaker had dust in it. If you get some blue tac and push it over the speaker hole a few times it pulls the dust out. Mine works perfectly now.

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SimonD is 100% correct; dab some blu-tack (putty adhesive) on the phone speaker a few times and you're good to go.

Yes I get it sounds stupid, but it worked for me and most of the people on here.

Here's a link to the original solution post. If his advise works for you, don't forget to thank him & Simon.
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I had the very same problem and after trying all sorts of fixes I found the answer. My phone is paired to my car which is parked on the road outside, my phone automatically pairs with the car once I impaired it the volume on the phone came back.

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