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Galaxy S8 - black screen flicker


Today I got a call from Samsung office in Sydney. The rep told me that after testing they found out that there was a fault with the LCD and agreed to replace set as it was a manufacturing defect. 


He also mentioned that it usally takes 5 to 7 business days to process the request but he will try to expediate the process because its thier flagship product. He was polite and apologized for the inconvenience. 




Same here took it to support centre here in portufal and they fixed the phone in 1 day...

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would you say why rhis display flickering happens?

please tell me.


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I was playing candy crush and wile playing half of the creen turn black right in the middle and has line flikering .. screen is responsive I was able to do a master reset but didnt fix the issue, any one have any idea why this could happen also device has no damage I have not drop the phone or had any water damage at all.


Hi @alexg30! Has this issue been resolved now? If you performed a master reset and the problem is still persistent, I'd recommend dropping into one of Support Centres for an engineer's inspection. To find the closest Support Centre to you, please head to: Is there one close by? Let us know how you get on! :robothappy:










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