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Galaxy S8 - black screen flicker

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Throughout the day I've been experiencing a small black line/flicker in the top quarter of the screen. This has occurred when scrolling on light backgrounds and also once watching video. Has anyone else come across this?


I've been running at the maximum resolution (up from default) and 'AMOLED Photo mode'. It's also worth noting this has happened across multiple apps including the settings screen; so not related to something being outdated. 


Is it likely software or hardware related and is this something to contact Samsung about under warranty? 



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Hi Mate,


I have been experiencing similar issues with my S8+. Flickering lines on the top quadrant. sometimes as frequent as 20 per min. Sometimes not there for hours. At first i thought it was a youtube app issue but as you mentioned i have had it on multiple apps and system areas since. 


I am looking at taing it to my carier and getting them to tell me what's going on..





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Hi @Rob8 as @-AJ- has said you need to make sure if from a carrier it goes back to them within 14 days in some cases up tp 30 in others for an exchange it does sound like a hardware issue over a software issue, may advice is back up what you can and visit a shop (if possible) and sit down with them and do any tests they ask there in front of them including a reset. I   have seen similar issues not due to the making but from drops in transit and such so don't lose heart and keep us updated on how it goes.


I am also having this issue. The top quarter screen filckers on youtube videos. Additionally, I aslo see white lines flashes on the same top quarter of the screen.The white lines are very prominent when using samsung gear VR. 


I called samsung tech support and they told me to do a factory reset of the phone and take it to the service center if this issue presists. Have just done the reset and will se how it goes. 


Having the same issues with my s8 screen.white line appears in the horizontal for a split second, sometimes it doesn't shows for hours.

It appears in safe mode also, tried factory reset but the problem is still there.

Any of you guys had any feedback from samsung yet?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Nhanhu,


I have been told by samsung that we have to send the phones back to them to be assesed. Not only do i find this unacceptable, Samsung reps here in australia are pretty ok with telling a paying customer to be without a phone for 15 business days while you wait for confirmation form samsung.


Not impressed.


I will update about the progress when i havef urther details.


Can you tell me what software version you are on? My build number ends in AQDD...Screenshot_20170504-151931.png




My baseband version ends in AQC9. I haven't tested my phone properly after the factory reset. 


Will test it thoroughly next week and let you guys know.



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im AQDD you may be on a older build after a reset and have to check for an up date


Even after the factory reset the issue remained. The white lines are still showing. 


Today I had enough so I called up the nearest service center and took the phone in for replacement.


Initially the service center told me that they would repair and would take around 3 working days but I insisted for replacement as its a manufacturing defect. They said that they would send the request to Samsung and a rep would contact me to discuss the issue. Once approved by Samsung, they can give me a replacement.  This whole episode is expected to take up-to 2 weeks.


Will keep you guys posted.

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