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Galaxy S8 & S8+ Beta UK Frustration


Well, finally the update is here and I can use my bank app and G Pay again. 

Singularly the worst organised beta I've ever done. Never, doing a Samsung Beta again and unless Samsung sort out their customer service I'll be defecting to another brand. Which will be a shame.

This is my second beta and my last for Samsung not sure if l will be defecting to another brand just yet but l have been looking into the Google pixel 2xl

Hello, I updated to Oreo around 0900 this morning. I've a galaxy s8 unlocked with a three uk sim. I manually updated using ota.   In uk folks. 😎

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it could be done something through the bootloader and kernel i just need them dumped files and ill look into it 

In computing, eFuse is a technology invented by IBM which allows for the dynamic real-time reprogramming of computerchips.
By utilizing a set of eFuses, a chip manufacturer can allow for the circuits on a chip to change while it is in operation

The Nintendo Switch and Xbox 360's bootloaders for instance will check the amount of burned fuses before attempting to install new firmware

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I am in Canada.  I bought a S9 G960F/DS with a CSC of G960FOXM2BRHA and it shows under Software Information that it is XSG, XSG, XSG and About Phone also says it is a UAE phone.  Samsung Pay does not work.  Is there any way to get firmware to change it to a Canadian phone?

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