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Galaxy S8 & S8+ Beta UK Frustration

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Let's kick this off then.


Is there anyone from Samsung who can provide us with some information regarding rollout schedules for Oreo on the S8/+. There are plenty of us who have gone through the whole beta process and now feel a little bit high and dry.


The update is obviously complete as several countries have received the update.


Some news please

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Hi, I have been one of the beta testers as well can not believe  we have not received the update yet


Any news on it Samsung


Samsung Beta testers in the UK gave their time and effort for free. 

Samsung have made a serious mistake here and it will cost them both with loyalty and money. 

Samsung posted that beta testers would get the Oreo update " one day before non testers ". 

They simply used the good nature and precious time of all the testers to test their next money making software and have shown that loyalty does not pay while they move forward and make more money. 

It's not the fact the software has not been issued it's the slap in the face to all the people they used to get there software right and as I've said it will cost them dearly. 



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Come on Samsung. We Beta testers in the UK are still waiting for the update... We were promised it a day earlier... Still no sign of update... 

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As a beta tester for the S8 in the UK id like to vent my displeasure at being lied too! You told us all we would get the official Oreo update a day before non beta users! This was a lie and you have released it to others around the globe who didnt even take part in the beta! Thats a sure fire way to alienate your long running customers. It happened last year with UK beta testers. Im getting tired of spending more and more on your products and getting less and less customer service from you. This may be the first time in a long while that i actually contemplate buying from a different Android manufacturer. Well done Samsung. It would be interesting to know how many others feel the same!!


It's the broken promise to roll out a day early that causes frustration. It's the "Thank You" notice being deleted from the beta community that causes frustration. It was the lack of response to feedback during the beta that caused frustration. It was the lack of moderation in the community that caused frustration.


Samsung, when people are prepared to test your software for you. You should at least be grateful and keep your word.


I did the Nougat beta last year but this will be my last Samsung beta.

I certainly do Samsung should feel ashamed of themselves for the way thay have treated the UK beta testers
I agree with everything you have said in your post, l also think it was wrong of Samsung to release the final version of oreo to the general public before releasing it to all the beta testers shameful of you Samsung

There are multiple reports on Reddit, of non-beta  users on Three getting the update. (A colleague of mine had the update at the weekend, but I don't know his CSC)


What a shambles!

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