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Galaxy S8 Screen Burn In

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@M4T2009 wrote:

Has anyone else noticed some screen burn on their galaxy S8/S8+? I noticed that on my lock screen, I can faintly see a bar at the bottom where the on screen navigation buttons are, and having checked it against some flat coloured backgrounds I can faintly see the nav buttons. I've only been using it for 12 days and this seems strange. I don't have my brightness unusually high and I don't leave my display on for long periods anyway...

Yes I've had the samsung s8 since April 2017 and alresdy has annoying checkerboard burn in . But really don't want to have to send phone in .I guess if I have to I will....

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I have really bad burn in my display. I see on my right top the icons from Google maps because I'm using Google maps a lot. Also I can see shape of the bottom navigation and some long vertical line which is visible only if you have a burn in test (RGB) . I'm not really happy about this. I used to be a iPhone owner and I love this phone. I hope theye is a fix for this. In my opinion this should not happen! You pay so much for a phone these days and you expect it to be in top without hardware issues. Software issues can be improved... So next thing I guess is to contact Samsung.


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i have been told to take it back to my contract provider ,they should repair it or replace it if they have it in stock.


let me know how you get on with samsung.

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Did you receive any help I have the Note 8 and it's doing the same thing

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Any results
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I actually took it to best buy and got the screen replaced under warranty. After about 3 months the same thing happened,  I started to see some burn in and decided  to trade it in at and got a s9 instead. S9 seems to have no issues until now. Time will tell.

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Verizon sending me another phone

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I am so frustrated by this. I got my phone 14 months ago and it was completely fine, until today... I didn't end up playing my game longer than usual, but I ended up with screen burn... game bar at the top and at the bottom, heck you can even see that I have 2 boosts when I'm browing the web :(


I contacted t-mobile and they were completely useless - first by chat they told me that it's not a known issue (really?), then on the phone, and they tried to blame the game for this! Is the app compatible with your phone? Did you clear the cache? Did you uninstall it? No the problem is on my screen and it has absolutely nothing to do with the app!


I ended up having to go to the store, my phone isn't under warranty anymore but thankfully I've been paying for insurance (with t-mobile), so I'm getting a replacement for $5 (refurbished, hopefully it won't have the same issue). The woman was wondering why it was such a big deal and asked me if I really wanted to get a replacement because of this... well yeah. And I really hate the hassle of switching phones too (losing all my game boosts, having to login everywhere again (probably having to change every password because I forgot them too).


Samsung really dropped the ball on that one. So frustrating.


What did the phone shop do about it. I've got it on mine also.

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Hi I traded it in for a note 8 but the shop said it will be covered under the warrenty but you will be without a phone for about a week. Hope this helps and please let me know what happens. Thanks
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