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Galaxy S8 - Contacts cannot hear me


Whenever I ring, or whenever someone rings me, the caller cannot hear me - I can hear them perfectly.  After looking around on the web it seems that this is a fairly new common problem with the S8 both here and in the US.  

Some people have found that restarting their phone, clearing caches and unpairing all Bluetooth connections solves the problem for a short period of time, but the problem reoccurs.  I have tried all these solutions and found non of them to be satisfactory.

As the problem is intermittent and can be temporarily solved with a restart it seems unlikely that the problem is hardware.

I have tried a loop back test and found that the SPK_2ndMic is functioning as expected, but can hear nothing from RCV_1stMic.

i was wondering if anyone had a solution to this problem, other than going to a Samsung specialist   The nearest being 1 ½ hour public transport distance away.

Hi there!

Does this happen with particular contacts and do you usually have a strong signal whilst making the calls? It does sound like your phone has failed the Hardware Test, have you been in contact with Samsung US about this? It would be best to have your phone inspected at your nearest Support Centre.


Unfortunately this happens with all contacts and my signal is fine.

I haven't been in touch with Samsung US as I am based in the UK and as mentioned, it is a minimum of a 3 hour round trip for me to visit a Samsung Experience shop.  Is there any other solution - my phone was purchased through Giffgaff in May of last year. 


Ring the support line on 03307267864 and get the device collected its free of charge!

Thank you that's great.


As long as it is a EU model and not a US spec

A long stretch but try a new SIM card if everything else has failed so far.🙂


A long stretch but try a new sim card if everything else has failed so far. 

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