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Galaxy S7 Photo storage

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I have just moved all my photos to the SD card following instructions on Samsung's website, but in the process it has deleted the date on which the original photo was taken and redated them all today.   They are now randomly filed under a single date which makes it impossible to find anything.

This is ridiculous!!  Please, please tell me how to undo this.




photos taken by the main camera are saved as dates, so ordering them by name should also give you chronological order, unfortunately once the date has been changed in this way, it cannot be undone - as far as I am aware. You can search photos by people, place and event as well if that's any help
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Thanks for the response, although unfortunately it seems that I am unable to get my photos back into any sort of order, as I don't name them but have always relied on the useful timeline feature I had on my old HTC!


It would have been very helpful if the Samsung instructions for moving the photos warned you that you would lose the date names as I would never have tried - would have left them where they were on the phone.

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