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Galaxy S7 Edge Wifi Not Working

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The wifi has been intermittent on my S7 Edge for over a week. All other devices inb the house are connecting with wifi 100%.

When i connect to wifi, it connects but then an exclamation mark appears on my wifi indicator at some time later.

This happens intermittently, occaisionally the Wifi works.

I have tried using safe mode but the problem persists. I have tried a factory reset and still I have the problem.

I took my phone to the Glasgow Samsung support centre and they ran diagnostics and said there was nothing wrong with my phone.

I am not sure what to do, please help?

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What's the phone like when trying to connect to available wifi at a coffee shop etc ?


If it's ok then in your home router try splitting the frequencies to 2.4ghz and 5ghz and then try connecting the phone to each one to see how it reacts as some devices prefer one over the other.


If the phone still has issues connecting to alternative wifi sources then if this was my situation I'd go back to the Samsung Service Centre or a Samsung Experience Store and ask to connect to their wifi and see what happens.


The phone comes with a 24 month manufacturing warranty so you have every right to have a fully functioning phone @GrahamL 


This may help as a last resort > Consumer Rights Act 2015


Your claim would be against the seller / initial provider of the phone.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 




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I've had the same issue on other wifi networks. Unfortunately on the day i took it to the Samsung store the wifi was working fine so they could not identify the problem. 

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I have the same problems. It was working perfectly fine until one week ago, and now it barely works. I tried to see how it works on different wi-fi's (the one from my phone, another one from my boyfriend's home, another one from university) on which it worked perfectly before, and it's the same. I've got another friend that's having the same issues with her S7 edge, and we don't know yet what to solve this. Samsung, I hope you haven't taken a strategy like Apple did with their phones and try to slow down older phones just to buy new ones, as it might affect your reputation really bad.

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If its any further help when I click on the wifi icon and hold it the error message below the network is "Internet may not be available". The wifi does not work at all when it says this.

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I have the same issue since about the same time and was wondering if it coincided with a software update (I think towards end of Feb). Since then there was another update but unfortunately the issue persists.

Have you all upgraded at about the same time (end of Feb / beginning of March)?


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I have this problem also on a Galaxy S7 (not the edge). After a while the WiFi connection just stops working. Also local lan devices are not able to be found, for instant multiple chromecasts. We have 3 Galaxy S7 models but only on 1 model we have this problem. Phone is factory reset twice now, even without setting back backup about wifi networks so real clean installation and problem still there. This started also around february. Looking for other phone and brand because this is not working and taking too long.


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Have the same issue since March 2019 when there was a software update. Wifi worked perfectly well until then, but since March it is patchy at best, regularly dropping out and saying ' no internet avaialble' although the wifi signal is strong. No problem with other brands picking up the wifi it is just the S7 edge.

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