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Galaxy S7 Do Not Disturb not working after update. Notifications still sounding even when on Silent.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.    I updated the phone on 2/11/18 to Version G930FXXS3ER11 and had problems with notifications since then.   


Now some notifications make an audible sound even when phone is set to "Do Not Disturb" or on Silent.  

NB Text messages, WhatsApps and Emails are FINE, they are silent, butInstagram notifications now make a sound, also I get some random notification sounds with no notification message/pop up on the screen.  


This is really annoying as the sounds wake me up in the night.  I have the phone beside me because I listen to music and I use the alarm.    I have set up "Do Not Disturb" to block everything except the alarm.  ("Allow Expceptions" is set to: "Alarms only".  


I contacted Samsung support and they told me to CLEAR THE CACHE, which I have done and this didn't help.

I had not changed anything to cause this, I believe this started happening after the last update.



For now it seems the only way to fix is to turn your "media" volume all the way down. This not a fix but only a workaround. Samsung messed up the update...

I started having the same issue today - for text messages only.  I did not notice any system update happen however.  This is creating a very frustruating situation for me.


Same issue here, took me AGES to find this thread.

Galaxy S9 + Sony MH3s.


After pairing with the MH3s, notification sounds are glitchy and forced at MAX volume. With no apparent way to disable them. I have tried:


• Played with individual volumes, notification, ring, media, etc. No effect at all.

• Played with toggling "call audio" and "media Audio" in Bluetooth settings.

• Tried disabling "absolute volume" in developer settings.

• Played with all the settings in my Sony XM3 app.

• Tried toggling dual audio, tried toggling Ringtone Sync, Media volume Sync (advanced Bluetooth settings).


After disconnecting the MH3s, even if the phone is on silent - notification soudns will still occur based on the media volume setting on the phone. This issue stays until the phone is rebooted.



There are TWO major issues here:

1. While listening to music via bluetooth, it is currently IMPOSSIBLE to disable notification sounds. This is extremely jarring and ruins the music listening experience. Especially when I should just be able to set my phone to vibrate only and actually enjoy my commute. The notification sounds are also glitchy and incorrect at that, often the wrong tone being used for the wrong app for no apparent reason.

2. After disconnecting bluetooth headphones, all notification sounds seemingly route through the "media audio" stream rather than the system notification audio stream. This issue stays until a power cycle of the phone.


These are serious quality of life issues with the phone, impacting core features and should be escalated for hotfix ASAP. It's outrageous that this has gotten through QA testing at Samsung.  This issue only started occuring within the last month or so. (I think 2 updates ago, on my S9).


Please Fix!


From what I can gather the Message+ app updated this week and that is when my DND stopped working related to text notifications. 

This is *not* a Bluetooth related issue in my case (as I have heard on other posts) as my Bluetooth has been off all week when this started. 


I can confirm that disabling the "Google" application fixes this.

It seems this is definitely a google app problem and not a Samsung one.


Disable the "Google" App and the problem goes away. 

I think we all need to comment and review about this issue on the Google Play store listing for this app.

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