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Galaxy S7 (10months old) Charging Cable looks burnt (green, yellow), and Battery only lasts 4 - 5hrs

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Phone purchased from Samsung in Germany as part of  TV + Phone deal in end of April 2017. 

Used as primary phone since.

Never dropped, No water damage or spills, Never been repaired or opened, Worked perfectly other than battery issues, No visible swelling, no visible damage on port, always used with official samsung charger/plug it came with.


Mode: Optimized. Cache is cleared weekly as well as device maintenance. Bluetooth is off, and all unecessary features off. Tabs are closed, and apps that aren't used are also closed. Updated fully, no custom anything all official stuff.


Battery seems to be around 2350 - 2500 mAh capacity from tests I have run.




Pictures of the cable, official samsung battery usage (100% to 12% in 3hrs30mins, then charged to 44% for 20ish minutes, then capacity went down again).

Also attached are pictures of AccuBattery software that was just recently installed this morning in an attempt to see if there is any clear reason for this battery usage.

28217947_1396967690432341_1244448385_o.jpg28340605_1396967903765653_1085338984_o.jpg28277983_1396980010431109_1906194435_o.png28217279_1396981363764307_2039287661_o.jpgI called samsung official UK number, they told me that I should send it in in next few days and that it would take 7 - 10 business days. I cannot do that because on the 28th I have a visitor for 1 week, and then after that on the 8th of march I am going abroad for 5 days. So the earliest I can be without a phone for 1 week is mid-march. I told the representative this on the phone and he said that it would be noted, but that if I didn't send it in now and anything else happened it would be on me and they wouldn't fix it.


I also called a local samsung service centre near my house, they said that this damage is 99% of the time due to water, however my phone has never incurred water damage and I am the sole owner/user of it, if any water got on it its a few drops, and this phone is supposed to be IP67 anyway? They also said that I would have to pay 25 pounds to get it checked, and then further pay for engineer time + parts which would result in hundreds in costs which just isn't worth it. 


What can I do?

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I can see your screen is using quite alot of battery. 


Put the phone in Safe Mode which will turn off all the downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones alone which can then help you determine if its a rogue app. 


Drain the battery to around 15% and then charge up to 99% which helps calibrate the battery. 


If you do have to surrender the phone for a diagnostic then id suggest to go with the Samsung Service Location. 


Most phone's have water sensors in the sim card tray slot as well as inside. Take a look in the slot. 


Take pictures of that and several time and date stamped pictures of the phone which one of it turned On to prove its aesthetic condition.



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Hi @AlexisDrakopoul, I'd recommend checking on this webiste for genuine Samsung chargers:, hopefully it will arrive before you go away. :robothappy:

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