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Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner no longer working


Really? I have had Samsung phones for years, this is the first problem I have had. I will be getting the Galaxy 9 plus being presold this week. 

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Hi @Lena99. Can you tell us a bit more about what the Samsung Repair Centre did or advised you?


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I have SS support working on my phone I will let you know what happens



I didn't have time to keep working on this. The tech had me restart the phone holding the power button, the vol up button and the home button and clear cache. I have to get going now. Won't know if the fingerprint works for a couple of hours but will get back to you


The good news is it's working. The bad news is I don't remember how I got to a screen. I had to restart my phone and I think hold down the power button and the home screen button. Then I had to scroll down to clear the entire phone cache. It did not damage any of my apps etc. Then I restarted my phone. The fingerprint didn't work right away but as the day went on it's now working

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I had the same issue for almost a year. I knew they'd ask me to take it the Samsung Store, blah blah blah and I might end up losing all my data as well. So, I let it go. I changed to Numeric Lock code.

Now, all of sudden, like magic, it's fixed. I'm assuming Samsung knew all this time that there's a problem and they just didn't want to admit it because, well, launching newer, more expensive phones is more profitable. Who cares for the older ones anyway. But, I'm glad it started working now. So, no harm done! I hope the same holds true for the rest of you. Best of luck!


The fingerprint works sporadically on my Galaxy S6 Edge. The 9 plus is going to be available soon I hope it works better on the new phone 


Hi AntS!

They kept it for 1 month and finally asked if I wanted to change motherboard (500 euro!!) I said no, so they just reinitialized it and sent it back to me with fingerprint issue.


Same here, nothing works, I had to spend 300€ to fix the fingerprint... 

My S6 is sleeping in is box now.. 

I was lucky enough to find a new S7 edge for only 300€ when there was discounts 2 months ago. I shouldn't have bought it because of what happen with my S6 but i fallen for the price.. 

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did you get any answers back??? my phone is dooing the same thing...

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