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Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner no longer working



@LiamH wrote:

Hi @Anna34


You can check whether this is a hardware issue by heading the hardware test menu. Go to the Phone app > Dial *#0*# > Select Sensor > Under 'FingerPrint Test' select Normal Scan. If the phone fails this test, we recommend heading to a Service Centre.




@imart143 Have you checked the phone in terms of hardware? Follow the steps above and if the phone fails the test, please head to a Service Centre so one of our engineers can help you.



so, 1 red fail meaning sensor is gone?

i will send it to service, thanks..



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i have samsung gallaxy s6 

why fingerprint scanner version null
please help me!!

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I have the same problem, just out of the blue my fingerprint sensor stopped working!

I have checked *#0*# and the result was null, it was unable to deal with the fingerprint sensor.

I have tried clearing cache partition, with no hope.

My phone is up to date.

I just keep getting this message (fingerprint sensor not working, try again or restart your device)


What can I do now?


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If the hardware test is not showing as 'Pass' then I'd recommend visiting a Store have your phone looked at.


Check out your nearest HERE



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This was certainty the best resolution and it worked as you said like magic (change or set pin not password, then restart and fingerprint away again), but I also followed the instruction given someone else here to do a cache wipe using home,power and vol up holding simultaneously until logo appears releasing the power but still holding the other 2 till it gives the menu for doing cache wipe. Your way (imfr...) could've worked probably without the latter solution but that's how i done it and fingerprint id is working fine. Thanks all hope it helps someone like me.

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yes and there is no backup password

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When i upgrade my phone to nougat or 7.0.1 my fingerprint sensor didn't work like the previous and it says that an error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. If this message appears repeatedly, restart your phone. Then how can i got back my fingerprint sensor.

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I think Samsung is responsible for that! My fingerprint scanner has stopped working on its own!
I have galaxy s6, and the fingerprint scanner suddenly have stopped working on its own, I am very careful with my device, so it is a hardware failure I guess, and I have had my last upgrade from the last year!
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I did thw *#0*# and checked my finger print it came up as " null" can someone please help. I shut down my phone and it worked a couple of times after for a few hours and then i actually reset my phone and it still did not work.

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