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Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanner no longer working


No, I spent a considerable amount of time with Samsung, what they did fixed it for a day or two but it's only working sporadically now. My suggestion would be to call or chat with Samsung and let them know you are having problems apparently I am the only one who notified them. I am getting the new 9 phone any day so hopefully that one will work much better.


No, and I spent a lot of time with Samsung as a last resort set the phone back to factory is what they told me. I don't think so. I am getting the new 9+ very soon hopefully it won't be an issue. Samsung has not gotten any other "complaints" so it would be nice if you also let them know so maybe on the next software update it will be fixed.


I have the same error and went through the same procedure to try to fix it and nothing worked... if anyone finds a fix can you please let me know?


The only fix I found was to get the new 9+ and although the scanner is not as convenient, it is on the back of the phone it does work most of the time. Sometimes it doesn't because the scanner is at an odd angle with a protective cover I got for it. Someone at my carrier said maybe Samsung did the same thing Apple did when they want you to buy a new phone they disable favorite functions.


Yeah I wouldn't doubt it 😂 Thanks anyways!

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After I did a system update


Hi @Anna34


You can check whether this is a hardware issue by heading the hardware test menu. Go to the Phone app > Dial *#0*# > Select Sensor > Under 'FingerPrint Test' select Normal Scan. If the phone fails this test, we recommend heading to a Service Centre.





Changed security from pattern to pin and fp scanner works in next second. This is great!!solved on S9 same problem!!

Thank you man


@Rockstar wrote:

I had the same issue for almost a year. I knew they'd ask me to take it the Samsung Store, blah blah blah and I might end up losing all my data as well. So, I let it go. I changed to Numeric Lock code.

Now, all of sudden, like magic, it's fixed. I'm assuming Samsung knew all this time that there's a problem and they just didn't want to admit it because, well, launching newer, more expensive phones is more profitable. Who cares for the older ones anyway. But, I'm glad it started working now. So, no harm done! I hope the same holds true for the rest of you. Best of luck!



After 2 hours fp not working again..

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