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Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life

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why does the battery on my s6 drain from full to nothing even when its switched off, ive factory reset it so its just like it comes new but still does thje same. ive had a new battery fitted but not  a samsung but it stil does the same.

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If you've had a non Official battery fitted I assume from a non authorised engineer then this could be the current issue.

You won't be aware of the quality of battery that's been fitted and what quality of workmanship has been given plus any remaining Manufacturing Warranty if applicable will be voided.

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Thank you for your fast reply but the reason I had the battery changed is for the reasons I stated at first but it hasn't improved my point is is there something within the phone itself that is draining the battery? 


Hi @bubblinstu! We would always recommend fitting genuine Samsung parts via our authorised Support Centres or repair centres to guarantee optimal performance and compatibility. What other troubleshooting steps have you tried? Check out this guide on how to optimise and extend the battery life of your phone: Following this if you are still experiencing the same issues, please give our call centre a call on:  0330 726 7864 (Monday to Saturday | 9am to 6pm)


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