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Galaxy S5 Bluetooth not finding devices after software update

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Auto update of S5 software a couple of days ago phone will no longer connect via bluetooth to my car - scanning does not find any devices. Tried my car, wife's car, Bluetooth speaker - no luck. Finds my iPad and wife's iPhone (but won't connect to them - no change there). Tried rebooting and everything else up to and including factory reset - any ideas?

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Hi @Windsurfer15.


Odd one that. Can you try Settings > Applications > Application Manager > All > 'Bluetooth Share', and clear both the cache and data? Repeat this for 'Bluetooth Test', and then turn the phone off for around 20 seconds,  reboot, and try the Bluetooth connection again.


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I don't see bluetooth in the application manager area

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I tried the steps you outlined, but I am still not having success syncing my S5 to Bluetooth devices. Any other ideas?

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To see Bluetooth share after to tap Application Manager you must tap the three vertical dots and select Show system apps. You can now see Blue tooth share.

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