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Galaxy Note8 is still on Nougat

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My Galaxy Note8 seems to be stuck on version 7 Nougat. Every time I try to search for updates it says my phone has the latest available version already installed. I know that updates are released in batches but I would expect it to be on v8 at least and it hasn't had a security update since last year either. I have tried using the Smart Switch and this hasn't worked either. I have also spoken to Samsung Support and used the Report feature on here and I still get the same response that this is likely due to the update not being available for my batch number yet. Surely this can't be right as I am now 2 versions behind?

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Hey @Newfie 


Where are you based and where did you purchase your phone from?


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Hey @TracyR


I'm in Belfast and the phone was purchased along with several others from a UK based 3rd party phone provider by the company I work for. All of my colleagues who have the same phone have updated to v9 already.

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