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Galaxy Note 9 Region lock

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I live in Germany and recently bought  Galaxy note 9 which is working fine with Germany telecom provider sim (O2). I have to travel out of Germany  a lot because of work and need to use local sim card in that particular country because of high international roaming charges. But my phone showing regional lock and do not accept any other sim card. I am sure that I have used my phone to call from German local sim card to another local number more than 1 hour but still my phone regional lock is not removed. I contacted German support using email and provided my phone  serial number along with purchasing bill as suggested in one  post in Samsung forum but still no reply. Please help me.

TracyR Moderator

Can you confirm if your phone calls in Germany were to another German SIM within Germany? 

Did they total 1 hour over a load of different conversations or did you have a phone call that lasted an hour?


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I have called with local German number to other German number with singl2 call more than 10 min and cumulative  call time with different calls would be more than 1 hour. Also my phone is sim free so it is locked with any particular  carrier. 

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