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Galaxy Note 8 lack of security updates

I can handle waiting for Oreo, even though I had my Nexus 6p running 8.1. Security updates are important to me. I've bought all my phone's SIM free, this Note 8 cost over twice the cost of my last phone. OK, it's a technological marvel and love it (disabled bixby though) it does feel a little like Samsung have taken my money and run.

Why do we STILL have NO update??? Unbranded in the uk have only had 2 updates since the phone was released but other countries have had 5!!!!! Even branded phones in the UK have no had up to date updates and then us lot who bought our phone outright still have no updates at all, This is a total joke!!!! And now I've read that we won't even get any update at all and your just gonna wait till Oreo!!! I think the ppl that paid nearly 900 quid for this phone deserve an answer!!!!


That's exactly how I feel right now. Unfortunately, the only figures Samsung will respond to is sales. If we boycott their phones then they will be forced to respond or go into oblivion like blackberry.


It's sad that after spending a lot of money on a device Samsung lacks the common decency to give their customers a satisfactory response to the question of security updates.


It's obvious they don't hold their UK customers in high esteem. Other OEMs that respect my custom will be benefiting from my future smartphone purchase.


What upset me the most is that there is no official announcement from Samsung on this. We as customers are not being treated with the deserved respect.

They not only are not making an official announcement on this, but if you contact support directly is like an automated message saying "I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we can't comment on update release dates. Please make sure you search for updates on your phone regularly."


I am seriously thinking on sending an email to CEO. Maybe if we all do it we will have someone looking into this?



I was just about to make the same suggestion. I think we should escalate this issue to South Korea as the UK arm of Samsung is utterly useless. I'll send my email now. The CEO won't respond it'll probably come from his PA, however the more he's inundated with emails he'll be further to respond.

Additionally do we know his/her social media handle? Twitter or Facebook?


I've just sent my email to the CEO

What is there to tailor for a sim free phone? If the new year rolls round and I am still on August update, you can have the bugger back.
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thats update is so good.  i think samsung is best ever  i think samsung note 8 much better then samsung 7

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