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Galaxy J6 doesn't find Wifi network




My Galaxy J6 suddenly doesn't connect to Wifi anymore. It doesn't find ANY network and keeps on scanning. 

My J5 shows no problem, neither does my Asus laptop.


So I don't think it is a network problem.


When I go to a outside location of my home, the J6 suddenly does show a list  of available networks. 

At a friends place I can login easily on her netwerk.


Back at home still nothing and no netwerk schowing.  Of keeps on scanning.


I tried rebooting.


Does anyone knows what is going on?


Thx for every suggestion. It drives me nuts.  🙄😥

CarlH Moderator

Hi @Girlgeek. Which Android version are you currently running on your J6? Do you have a limit on the amount of devices that can be connected to your router?


Hi CarlH,

I am running Pie (9) limits on devices.
I fear I will have to do a hard reset which is a hastle 🙄

Very strange problem this...

Hi CarlH,

I did a reset of the networksettings => no result
Reset of general settings => no result
I did 2 hard resets: the phone found the network and meet connection. 10 minutes later the same problem occured.
It keeps on scanning but doesn't find ANY network.

How can I find a solution? I have the impression that more people have this problem.
CarloL Moderator

Hey @Girlgeek. Have you got the Power Saving Mode on? If so, turn it off and restart the phone. To change this setting go to: Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery. Next look to change this: Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always. Also, is your J6 the only device in your house that is not connecting to your Wi-Fi? Have you tried restarting your router as well? 

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