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Galaxy A3 2016 Google Assistant


Why does the galaxy A3 2016 not have the Google Assistant, when it meets the requirements of 1.4gb ram and 720p screen, having 1.5gb ram and a 720p screen. Other devices with the same specifications have ethics feature, so why not this device. Google Assistant help said to ask here.

AndrewL Moderator
Hi @Qwerty7

If it does not come pre-installed on the A3 2016 then I recommend visiting the Google Play Store on your phone and downloading Google Assistant from here?
First Poster

Hi AndrewL,


Same problem here. Direct download fron the store is unfortunately not possible due to the error of the device not being compatible (which should not be the case).


Any other sugestions?



ChrisM Moderator

Is this the message you get when trying to download the app, @ArnoldB?


It should be availiable without downloading the app. If I install the apk for the Google Assistant app I get an error that the device does not meet the required specifications, although it does

First Poster

Yes. That's the one.

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