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Forgotten prior phone Samsung account details, when upgraded to S7

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When I upgraded from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my present phone theS7 . Decided to give S5 to my sister. I tried to do a hard reset?(when you hold the 3 buttons to turn it on & wipe phone clean) Instead of holding volume button up in held it down! Resulting in a abnormal reset. Phone  (S5) wants my details of the Samsung Account I opened 2 years ago & I have no idea what the details are. I spoke to Samsung explaining situation is answered as many details that I could remember  (the phone was on contract with VirginMedia as the S7 I'm using now. But it seems that now the S5 belongs to me now. Nobody seems to want to to be of any assistance. When I turn the S5 on it goes straight to where I have to put my old Samsung account details in .Even if I remembered them now. I have been advised to take the S5 into the Samsung shop with some id they may be able to help. The problem I have is that I suffer from agoraphobia. This is so frustrating. If they asked me to send I.D  ie, copy of my passport or other I.D I would think they would be more helpful. I don't know if I can reset the phone with Samsung Kies. I do appreciate that people steal phones etc . If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful. Thank you A YOUNG. 


I too forgot my login info and my local Samsung Experience Store cleared it in minutes.

As this is a security feature of the phone to stop unauthorised use I'm sure you can understand why they wouldn't want to do anything like this without I.D.
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