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My Samsung s7 edge has a software issue - no idea what but it keeps crashing and freezing. 


The phone has now started to dangerously overheat - this happens when it is not plugged in to any charger. 

The screen gets very hot and I am worried that this will cause a fire. 


When i brought the phone to the shop i purchased it in they said that because the phone has a small hairline crack it invalidates the warranty. 


I disagree that i should have to claim on my insurance in order to fix a fault that is covered by warranty - especially when it could cause a health and safety problem. 


Most phone insurances will also say that you cannot claim for a fault that is covered by warranty. 


I think with Samsung’s experience with phones going on fire they should take this more seriously and act on their responsibilities to consumers. 


Can you advise how I should proceed?


Hi @Alexandra2. We'd recommend having your phone inspected, which can be done at your closest Support Centre:


If there isn't one close by then your best bet is to reach out to our Support Team directly on 0330 726 7864, who will look at alternative options with you.


Please note that repairs will be chargeable, if the phone is deemed out of warranty due to physical damage. Our engineers would affirm if this is the case once the phone has been inspected. 



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