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Finder on Note 8


Can you please provide ETA for this issue to be fixed as testing was not done properly for this app with finder.

I am also facing this issue and because if this i am ubable to use FB.


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Hii you said finder option is not working in my galaxy note 8..Please help me if anyone know the solution..


I'e updated my phone's software this morning and that's done the job! Good times!

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If you update the software or reset the phone then your finder works very well but when you update all the apps in your phone then again the finder will not work again

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I just tried and it said it was all up to date :/

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Yes bro,, there is no use of updating the i said earlier if you update the software or resest the phone then it works superbb but after when you install and update all the apps in your phone then again the finder will freeze..Bledy samsung

*****! So far I've only updated my phone software. Think I'll hold off updating the apps for a while. Had my hopes up for a while




I have an temp solution...disable Facebook and access Facebook from secure folder..than it will work 

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Hi @Finderonnote8.


We haven't been given an ETA. But they're working on getting an update to the Facebook app out as soon as they can, so I'd advise you guys to definitely keep a regular check for it on the Play Store: Play Store > Menu (3 lines, top left) > My apps and games > Update. (Google's guide on updating Play Store apps is here too if you folks need it.)


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