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Finder on Note 8


Hi. When using finder, the app freezes when I begin a word with the letters b,f and k. Yes, I had to go through the alphabet on my device to figure this out. Was wondering if anyone else is having similar problems or if anyone knows of a resolve. Thanks in advance 


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Hi @Finderonnote8.


We haven't been given an ETA. But they're working on getting an update to the Facebook app out as soon as they can, so I'd advise you guys to definitely keep a regular check for it on the Play Store: Play Store > Menu (3 lines, top left) > My apps and games > Update. (Google's guide on updating Play Store apps is here too if you folks need it.)


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Having the same issue on my note 8 

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I'm having the same problem on my note 8

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Same exact issue on mine too after a firmware update yesterday


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having the same issue too
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I too have the same problem with the note finder 8. If you type F or K the application crashes

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Yes, I'm having the same problem on my note 8

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I am javing same issue with the finder app.  Anyone know of a solution yet?

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Hi I have the same issue. 


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