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Fast charging doesn't work anymore on S8

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My brother has a Galaxy S8, and he doesn't know where his cable is. Just the cable not the power brick, and then he used a broken cable from my mother's phone, he used the cable with the adaptor that came with the phone, the cable has some interior cables shown up, the ones that make the connection with the plastic head of the cable, now the fast charging was working, and then after some time the fast charging didn't work anymore so he wanted my cable, and I gave him my cable since I don't need that fast charging, and, the same with the other cable, after some time the fast charging stopped working, I think that it might be from the port and not the cable itself since with my cable my fast charging is working. What do you think the problem may be ?

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A good process of elimination would be to use a wireless fast charging pad or desktop stand and if the gast charging remains on then I'd agree that the port is either broken or might have lint in it > use a torch to inspect it.



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