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Ex note 7 owners

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Because of the Note 7 I am now stuck with an S7 for the next 18 months, are samsung UK going to offer a trade for the note 8 when it's released? 

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So is there any chance of sorting something out for the people who trusted your last product launch and pre ordered the note 7 and we're roundly ignored when your product caused so much grief?  It was even a battle to get my "refund" and was still out of pocket due to me buying a case and screen protector etc.  Thanks for that.

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The best thing we can recommend at the moment @sbones is using this URL to declare your interest in the upcoming Galaxy model.




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I agree! Executive Customer Relations is a JOKE!
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does anyone know what's happening with the original Notes I still have mine. No one was willing to compensate me for the hassle of have my replacement replaced and selling my Note 4 after the second replacement and the cost of having to buy an S7 edge I didn't really want .

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Not a chance here in the UK, in America they have been getting all sorts of free stuff, I got my Note7 through ee as an upgrade, luckily they sent me an s7 out without collecting the Note7, so iv sold it on ebay for £700 & put it towards a 4k tv, thanks samsung lol 

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