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Error message 'samsung cloud has stopped'

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Dont sign into your google account during setup. They are clashing... Sign in after the restore from your samsung account has completed first. 

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Don't activate googles services. I did the Reset, then left it to setup without adding my google account. It fixed right up and works just fine now. After it has finished restoring your content, then begin to run with google. It is the two services clashing. 

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Sumsung cloud has stopped

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@Nh3 wrote:

Evening all,

I  get an error message popping up every 10 seconds or so. It says 'Samsung cloud keeps stopping' and underneath has 'X   Close app'. If I try and view photos in my gallery then a similar message appears immediately 'Samsung cloud has stopped' and automatically closes my gallery so I can't view photos. So annoying!


I have also had something suggest that my photos are not being backed up. Please help! It's almost unusable. Thanks a lot 




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Please take a look at the previous reply. Reboot your phone then try again


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But how?

My husband logged into the phone FRESH. His Samsung account, his Google account, everything worked fine. I logged into the phone without logging into anything. But I think it forced me to log into Google to get started? I'm not sure. Either way, I just sold the phone off and they logged in as themselves to both Google and Samsung without issue. I've narrowed it down to ME. One of MY accounts is forever screwed up on Samsung. :( 

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The same happened to me. Here's what I did. I uninstalled all the updates for Samsung cloud. Don't update Samsung cloud using the Galaxy store. Instead find an apk that will update the app for you. Here's the apk link I used:

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